Kevin Zamora was born in the city of Oakland and currently resides in the city of Stockton. Currently an Los Rios student taking web development and interent marketing courses. Learned to play soccer and basketball at a young age. Graduate from Bear Creek High School.

Kevin Zamora is a huge movie fanatic. He enjoys watching a variety of film at his home, in a local movie theaters, or outside in a drive-in theater. He is very passionate in making movies, expereince doing small fan made movies for fun, and hopes to one day make a feature length film. Graduated from San Joaquin Delta College with an Associates Degree in Film.

Kevin Zamora is a huge sports fan. His favorite team is the San Francisco 49ers. He attended many games when the team played at the Candlestick Park in San Francisco. American Football is his favorite sport to watch in-person or on television. One of his final presentation to receive his Bachelor's of Arts in Communication Studies at Sacramento State was a presentation on the 49ers sports management.