Kristin Tran

American River College CISW 300

About Me

A photo of me.

My name is Kristin Tran and I'm a student at American River College, aiming for a degree in Computer Information Science: Database Management. That's a mouthful, so I often say CIS: Database Management or just Databases. Classes on web development are required for this major and have important skills for me to learn, so I took CISW300 Web Publishing with this in mind. I enjoy coding and I've been having a good time in this class!

Some of my skills include:

  • Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, and Access)
  • SQL Programming
  • HTML and CSS (learning more in this course!)
  • Graphic Design (Adobe Photoshop)

I'm a hobby digital artist and love to draw. In my free time I like hiking and playing badminton with my family.

Me playing badminton.