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Originally from Sacramento, CA. A long time woodworker by trade, I've worked many years in production as both a supervisor and manager leading and growing teams. Now pursuing a degree in computer science with the intention to transfer to either Sac State or UC Davis. Currently working graveyard shifts as a casino gaming associate.

I spend my little free time either traveling, learning, or playing video games. My lovely wife and I enjoy traveling to different areas for wine tasting, including local spots such as Napa, Lodi, Sonoma and Amador. Overwatch support main at a decently high competitive level and huge fan of the Overwatch League (GO SAN FRANCISCO SHOCK!!!!)

In my early twenties I started to compete in "point sparring" after training in Shotokan Karate under the guidance of Shihan Geng Arceo. He is someone who has always inspired me to never stop learning, always keep improving, and to try to treat everyone with respect and kindness in everything that I do. I hope to always embody the skills and lessons he taught me.