Settha Phanh Nanthasilang

American River College CISW 300

Beer Fun Fact 1: During Prohibition, people were prescribed "medical beer" "Medical beer" was an obviously made-up cause that "brewers, physicians, and imbibers" used to try to skirt Prohibition's nasty laws in 1921, according to It worked, and doctors could prescribe beer as of March 1921... until November 1921, when Congress changed their minds and banned it once again. And no one ever had a beer ever again in the United States of America.

Beer Fun Fact 2: You can chill a beer in two minutes. All it takes to chill a beer is ice and salt in a bowl, and stirring it. It's that simple. Who needs a freezer? Seriously, throw your freezer away. Ah crap, you'll probably need that to make the ice. We haven't thought this through enough. For even more beer hacks that will change (the beer-drinking part of) your life, like learning how to disguise your beer as a soda can, we've got you covered.

Beer Fun Fact 3:Abraham Lincoln taxed beer to help pay for the Civil War. You already learned that beer was around 5,000 years ago, but did you also know it was around 150 years ago? It's true! And Honest Abe had some severe budget issues way back then, because fighting the South did not come cheap. It also turns out that many of the German and German-American soldiers drank German-style lagers from American brewers in between literally fighting for their lives. All About Beer writes that non-German soldiers also seemed to enjoy the beer and "drove the number of breweries in America to a peak in the 1870s" -- just over 4,000 breweries -- a number that was only recently eclipsed.