Tewodros MULAT

American River College CISW 300

Tech understand what, artificial intelligence means, think about what you observe in nature which makes you convinced. something has intelligence, Something as simple as a lab rat learning the correct path through a maze represents a simple form of intelligence (there are four types of AI). It involves memory and learning, similar to human intelligence

In 1950, Alan Turing ,described "thinking machines" ,as recognizable because they could use reason to solve puzzles. In the 1950s, John McCarthy said computers could "do things which, when done by people are said to involve intelligence.

These ideas boil down ,to three characteristics used to, identify a machine or computer as having "artificial intelligence."

Tewodros Mulat


Scientists are developing artificial intelligence so we can use machines to improve the quality of life for humans. It lets machines do repetitive tasks which might injure or be dangerous for humans. Artificial intelligence can improve the safety of cars and airplanes