Perfect Creations Web Design

Marianna Milliken

American River College CISW 300

My name is Marianna Milliken and I am a returning college student in the Website Design Certificate Program. This field of study is very interesting to me and I feel like I have found my niche in life. Website design encompases the techy or attention to detail side of me with the inspiring and creative side.

I enjoy my time studying and I am a very enthusiatic student. I like to learn new things and put that knowledge into practice. That is one reason why I love Website Design, you can see the result of your work instantly and it is very gratifying and rewarding.

In researching the best Websites I have found the best ones make you feel engaged with their current events, they are alive with real time photos and give you a sense of happiness just looking at them. The pages are easy to navigate and not cluttered with too much information. "A picture says a thousand words."I would like to create these types of pages for your website.