CISW 370 - Designing Accessible Websites

Karolyn Chao

What is Web Accesiblity?

Web accesibility is the means to be able to peruse the internet via guidelines provided by the W3C. By abiding to those guidelines, disabled people and even the average person can easily navigate through websites and multimedia with active help from tools such as screen readers, closed captions, or even keyboard controls. To not allow users even the bare minimum would increasingly make it more difficult for them.

What Web Accessibility Means to Me

Web Accesibility to me means the necessary format in order to allow everyone the ability to access the internet comfortably. I believe that everyone has the right to access and parse the information available on the currently largest medium for information to man. Actually, not just for information, but for recreational purposes as well. Web accessibility is not just for people with disabilities but for myself as well because everyone is not able to put their full attention to certain sites or multimedia and it is always nice to have extra help.