Ryan Campfield

American River College CISW 300

My name is Ryan, I live in Citrus Heights, CA. I was raised in the Northern California area all of my life. Some of my favorite things are music, video games, burritos and computers. I enjoy swimming and hiking in the summer and my favorite activity is live music festivals and concerts and traveling. My favorite band has been Insane Clown Posse since I was about 12. About 1997.

I love to travel and see all kinds of bands perform live but I have seen ICP over 200 times. I have seen them in Sacramento. Vegas. LA. New Orleans. Detroit. Washington DC. Orlando. And countless other cities and states all over America. I also love to eat all the local food I can get my hands on while in other cities. Seeing my favorite bands with my best friends is what I live for.

I'm currently looking to get some sort of computer science degree and I have a lot of interest in web design. I would like to work from my laptop more than being tethered to a building or room. I've had a love for technology and video games since I can remember, so computer science seems to be a a good fit. I am always looking to learn new things and better myself, no matter how old I get.