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Web Development with Dreamweaver 

CISW 321 is a fun and informative course teaching the basics of web development and Dreamweaver. Professor Rebecca Hayes teaches a variety of Internet Marketing and Adobe Creative Suite courses at American River College. The classes are fun and incredibly informative. If you are curious to learn a new skill, look into taking this course or pick from an array of courses designed to enhance your internet marketing skills.


Business Communications 310 is another course connected to the Internet Marketing Certificate at ARC. I took this course a year ago from Professor Nordell and he did a great job educating students in the nuanced processes of business communications. I highly recommend this one.                          


The CISA 330 Desktop Publishing course covers the basics of Adobe InDesign. I took this course a year ago from Professor Hayes. This was my introduction to Adobe and I loved it. The professor provided a lot of activities, tutorials, and tips to get lots of practice with the program.                                                                                                            


The CISA 350 Imaging For the Web course covers the basics of Adobe Photoshop. I took this course and it's follow-up course CISA 352 from Professor Hayes. Both courses provided a crash course in Photoshop with lots of tutorials, activities, and the opportunity to create a final portfolio.               


CISA 345 is a Technical Marketing Applications course I plan to take in the Spring. This course provides an overview of online marketing applications, including using Search Engine Optimization (SEO) tools such as Google Analytics.