Zalma Ziaee

Zalma Ziaee

A Little About Myself

I am from Kabul, Afghanistan. This is almost six years that I left my country and resettled in the United States. I was working as a teacher in one of the schools in my country. I was teaching math for third graders. I loved my job so much, but the critical condition of my country caused me to leave my country and family and start a new life in overseas with my kids and husband. Now I am a part time student, and I am working to earn my degree in Database Management. I am trying my best to earn my degree and struggle with all ups and downs, challenges and stressful situations of life to approach my professional goals.

My Computer Experience

My favorite computer is Mac Laptop computer because it is better than other laptops in term of software. My favorite software is Application software, and among application software's I like the most Mircosoft Office suite. I depend on this software because it is easy to use in every place. Furthermore, majority of people whose working or not working plus students even children use this software in their daily life.

What I know about Web and web publishing

This is my first class I am taking related Web and Web publishing, but I want to mention when I took CISC class in previous semester, I learned basic knowledge about Web and some communication protocols. In addition I learned basic knowledge about database management, computer programming, and networking in that class.

My interests and hobbies include:

Class Assignments