Marisa Wilson

A Little About Myself

I am originally from Illinois and have lived in several areas of the country (Washington DC, Maryland, Sacramento, Connecticut, Los Angeles, and Connecticut) before re-settling in Sacramento. I work fulltime as a Business Analyst for a Health Insurance company. In my free time, I tend to find different activities around the house (gardening, cooking, reading) and also enjoy attending concerts and camping.

My Computer Experience

I have used computers fairly consistently since around 1996 in both school and work. I've used Apple computers in the past but prefer the Windows Operating System although I don't really have a favorite software. The majority of my at-work computer usage is in Microsoft Office applications like Excel and Access. For personal use, I primarily use my computer for Internet browsing (using Google Chrome) and playing video games (specifically World of Warcraft).

What I know about the Web and web publishing

The last time I created a webpage was in 2003. It was a simple page created for friends and family members to access information pertaining to travelling to my then-state for an upcoming event. After reading the "What is HTML?" module this week, I am assuming that my page was created using XHTML. I am interested to learn about all the different features introduced with HTML5.

My interests and hobbies include:

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