Logan Williams

A Little About Myself

I was boarn and raised in Sacramento. My parents moved from colorado before I was born. I work as a Real Estate agent/ Loan Officer by day, and in the restaurant industry in downtown Sacramento at night. I have been in the restaurant industry for the past 8 yeas and love the environment. My Goal educationaly, is to trasfer to Sacramento State and obtain my Bachelor Degree.

My Computer Experience

My Computer Experiance doesnt go past what everyone learns in High School, basic usage of Excel, Powerpoint, etc. I never forgot how to type fast, which helps writting those long essays in english class. My favorite Computer is a Dell, I'v allways used one since I got my first computer. My sister works for Intell and was able to get me a good decent priced laptop.

What I Know About the Web and Web Publishing

This is my first Web class. I am new to all of this, and would like to learn everything this class has to offer. I only know the web as much as any other person that uses it for work. After this class I would like to take another class in Web design.

My interests and hobbies include:

  • Wakeboarding, Snowboarding, Surfing, Skimboarding
  • Scubadiving
  • Being active, Bike Riding, Running, Gym
  • I enjoy my job doing Real Estate and Mortgages

Class Assignments

  • Styles
    • Inline
    • Embedded
    • External