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A Little About Myself

I am a Californian native who married a Texan who loves the didn't see that coming, did you? LOL I am originally from the Bay Area. I have worked in the Healthcare IT field for several years, really enjoyed traveling, meeting different people and helping hospitals and medical centers update or transition to an electronic system. I really enjoyed configuring, maintaining and upgrading the software that I decided to go back to school so I can learn how to program to directly change a source code. I am doing a career transition to broaden my work in technology.

My Computer Experience

I have an iPhone and Apple watch, went to Steve Job's highschool which he provided with Apple/Macs but have always owned PC laptops. It's a habit to go PC instead. My significant other however, is an Apple *cough* fanboy *cough* enthusiast. I have used several applications professionally and personally. I am refamiliarizing myself with the Adobe Creative Cloud suite and am awestruck by the awesome power of Photoshop! LOL I am also learning a couple of programming languages which fluctuate between excitement and fear. LOL

What I know about the Web and web publishing

When I took webdesign, HTML3's book just came out. I am familiar with the concepts, however, I haven't touched it in years. I have used Putty and other ftp softwares in the past. Again, it's been quite a long while. I am excited to refamiliarize myself with the front end of web development and am hoping to delve deeper into the area.

My interests and hobbies include:

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