Jason Townsend

A little about myself

I am Jason Townsend. I am from Kansas and grew up there. Currently, I live in Sacramento, CA.

My computer experience

I have some computer exerpeicene. I have take JavaScript, Dreamweaver, and HTML and Webgraphi. I have take hardware computer and it was hard class.

What I know about Web and Web Publishing

It is about Wide World Web 'WWW' and Hype Text Markup Languages HTML. It take beginning web designers through the process of designing, building, and publishing a working web site. I know a little about Web and Web Publishing like javascript, dreamweaver etc., I have take those Web and Web publishing before and It is fun to make the website.

Why I am taking this class...

I hope to learn how to use enter the WWW and HTML. I want to make the webdesign and how to create image. How to do the series of pages into a web site and uploading web pages to a server.

My Favorite interests and hobbies are

My Web Assignments

  • Genius, A Poem by Goethe
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    Contact me at w1663246@apps.losrios.edu

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