Scott Simpson

Scott Simpson

A Little About Myself

I am native Sacramentan and California. I lived here from the time of my birth until I was 5 years old and then moved away. I have lived in the various cities in the central valley, in Santa Barbara, and the bay area. I moved back to Sacramento in 2001. After graduating from Fresno state with a BA and MA in Linguistics(ESL option), I moved to South Korea to teach English. While in South Korea, I traveled to Australia and Hong Kong. Upon my return to the US, I moved to the bay area where I got a job with AT&T. I worked for AT&T for 20 years and have since retired. It is with AT&T where I began my career in IT. It started out gradually through self instruction and going back to University to get an MS in Enterprise Systems Management. In this way, I increased my knowledge and became a web developer. I love going to school and if I could go to school as full employment and get paid for it, that is what I would do, however, that is not the case. Currently, I work for the State Controller's Office Information Services division as web developer.

My Computer Experience

My first experience with computer was in 1980 at Bakersfield college. I took a Introduction to Data programming class and we had to use a main frame computer using BASIC programming language. I did not use computers again until the 1990 when I bought a Macintosh LC to use for my College work. From that time on, I've had several computers using both Mactintosh as well as Windows computers. Currently, I own a Mac Airbook, a Lenovo desktop, and at work I used an HP laptop. I never really got into video games. I prefer using my computers for school and learining how to program.

What I know about the Web and web publishing

As I stated earlier, I work with the Web and Web publishing daily at my current job. At my job, I work with a partner maintaining a website for the State Controller's office. The site is located at the following link if you are interesting in seeing it: GCC Compensation . This site is used for reporting government compensation of public employees for transparency. My current project is automating the creation of excel templates using C# for uploading data to be published to this site. Although not directly related to web development, it does support the data we publish on the site.

My interests and hobbies include: