Marian Schutz

Marian Schutz

A Little About Myself

I come from a small little city in the Bay Area, Belmont, California. Twenty minutes South of San Francisco. The city is nestled in between San Mateo and San Carlos with landscape that is mostly hilly and lush. My father is from England and came to America on a boat with three friends to see if the streets were really lined in gold. He is one of five siblings and the only one to leave the country to move to America. He become a naturalized citizen some 70 years ago and now lives in Florida with his second wife. My mother is a local gal from San Mateo who meet my father at a babminton game. They had three daughters in under three years. This is something my mother is very proud of and speaks of often. It was not until her doctor told her that she did not need to be pregnant like a heffer every year that she and my father considered their options and decided to stop with three lovely little girls. I spent my youth in the same town until I was eighteen. Then I was asked to leave my home and fend for myself. I spent the next six months on a friends sofa, storing what little belongings I had in a small closet. It was not a great experience so I found work as a live-in nanny for two different families. The kids were wonderful but the parents were a little bit unkind to me, the help. So I moved to Napa and worked in a winery for two years doing accounting and teaching kids to swim in their own pools. Because I love the heat and the normal 6 months of blue skies in the Sacrameto area, I decided to moved here to continue teaching swimming, working and playing on the bike trails around the river.

My Computer Experience

I do own a lap top computer but have never really needed to use most of the functions, programs or browsers. I recently took it with me to do a bit of homework but never opened it up to use it. When I went to plug it in again at home, it did not work. Therefore, I went to Costco to find and purchase a new one. Fortunately for me, there was a very knowledgeable young lady working that day. I provided my list of needs and she provided and ordered me the perfect lap top. I am now in the process of downloading all the required programs to do my homework. Not only do I need to learn how to navagate a new lap top, I now need to learn how to use all the programs for all of my classes.

What I know about the Web and Web Publishing

I do not really know much about the Web and web publishing at this time. Ask me that same question in six months or even a year and I will have a differnet answer. What I know about the Web right now is aquired from actively using social media and surfing the Web. In the past I have used my former employeers computers and programs, really never needing to learn anymore then what got me through the day at work.

My Interests and Hobbies Include:

Class Assignments