American River College CISW 300

The home button doesn't take you home as the logo actually does which is the only thing that doesn't work and also that the image banner looks aligned on my pc but on phone and tablet, it is stretched

Hello class, my name is Antonio and I'm currently a student enrolled at American River College trying to earn my Degree, what is it you may ask? It is the Art New Media Degree So I can graduate and apply for Sac State. I look forward to seeing what you all got as well.

Something Interesting about me is that I like to draw and bake, I bake mostly desserts, breads, or bars as one of my hobbies. I also like to draw cartoon-like characters, but I'm learning realistically this semester in one of my other classes.

Becoming a sucessful Artist is my true passion whether it's cartoon-like or realistic, I've practiced in many sketchbooks and even moved digitally so it's easier to erase my mistakes without them being visible like from on a peice of paper.