Lester Robancho

A Little About Myself

I received my BA in 2015 from Sacramento State and I am currently a graduate assistant with the State of California. I am kind of a news junkie and enjoy learning about anything I can. I also like being outdoors and hike when I get the chance. I also enjoy running, but only when it's dark out so nobody sees me.

My Computer Experience

I am experienced with using Office and Adobe software to create research and creative projects. I also am the primary maintainer of the website at the department where I work, where editing is done via Drupal. I do not know any coding languages, I did however learn pseudocode at Sacramento State.

What I know about the Web and Web publishing

I want to be able to code HTML without referencing extensively. I would like to have knowledge of the inner workings of what makes webpages work.

Why I am taking this class...

I want to have a solid knowledge foundation as I continue to create projects and use software that revolves around the internet. I hope that I can use my web publishing skills to do more advanced things in my current work.

My Favorite Interests and Hobbies Are:

My Web Assignments

Contact Information lester.robancho@gmail.com

This page was last updated on: 5 September 2017