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Lia Palacio

Lia Palacio

A Little About Myself

I am a new mom to a three month old. I was in the Air Force for eight years, where I met my wife who was also in the Air Force. I am currently studing Database management, but beofre this I was going to school to become a paramedic. I was not able to finish that schooling due to our move from North Carolina to Califonia. I do want to go back and complete that schooling as well.

My Computer Experience

I have always worked on a computer, but mostly with Microsft Office and its many platforms. While I was in I was working in Oracle a lot and I miss it being out. Currently I work at Beale AFB and I am their training manager. I would love to be able to change the way our officce does things and make more electronic based instead of paper.

What I know about the Web and web publishing

I currelty don't know anything about web publishing, but I love to browse the web mainly for shopping and funny video's. I have always wanted to learn this skill, but just never wanted to go to school. This will actually come in handy as my wife wants to start her own daycare and I would be the computer person. I would be in charge of web desgin, database management and IT.

My interests and hobbies include:

Class Assigments