Jimmy Nguyen

A Little About Myself

I am currently a computer science major at American River College. I already have a bachelors degree in business administration and accounting from Sacramento State University and have decided to switch my career. I grew up in San Jose, CA and moved to Sacramento about 18 years ago. My goal is to either work for the State IT departments in Sacramento or for tech companies in the bay area.

My Computer Experience

I like to use window-based computers, but I am trying to get a macbook pro and get more accustom to apple products. I have been using iphones for over 6 years now, but I am thinking of switching over to a Samsung Galaxy or Note phone once I retire my current phone. I also recently got into using the chrome operating system. I am still a novice regarding my computer experience, but I will gear up to learn more so that I can become a software engineer in the future.

What I know about the Web and web publishing

I have published several web sites in the past several years, but they are no longer active sites. I also created informal web sites when I was in high school. It has been a while since I directly used HTML codes to create web sites and publish them onto the Web.

My interests and hobbies include:

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