Alayna Mollick American River College CISW300

Alayna Mollick: Wife, Mother, Analyst, Student, woman of many titles. Alayna grew up in Elk Grove, CA graduating from Franklin High School in 2007. She proceeded to attend UC Irvine and graduated with a Bachelor's degree in Political Science in 2011. It was in 2011 that she met her husband, Brian, while working at the local Starbucks. They wed in 2016 at a beautiful park in Dana Point, California.

After their wedding in 2016, Alayna and Brian began trying for a child, only to find out that they were cursed with the dreaded infertility. After many doctor's appointments, Alayna and Brian reached out to her parent's for financial help and went to speak with a fertility doctor. After three years of trying, two surgeries and many many many medications, Alayna and Brian were blessed with an IVF baby in May 2019 who was named Cole

Due to the financial strain that IVF caused and the desire to be near family, Alayna and Brian moved to Alayna's home town of Elk Grove to raise their child and pay off the loan that was given for IVF. It has now been two years and Alayna works for the State of California as a Staff Service's Analyst. Brian works for the local school district as an IT Tech, and their son Cole is almost two years old!