Cody McCoy

A Little about myself

I grew up in Oroville, CA. I moved to Rancho Cordova about 5 years ago so that my wife could attend pharmacy school. I love being in the outdoors. I enjoy fishing, kayaking, camping, and mountain biking.

My computer experience

I have taken almost all of the computer programming courses at ARC and am currently a computer science intern with the Army Corps of Engineers in Davis, CA.

What I know about the Web and Web publishing

I have created a few html help documents for a program that we developed at work. Other then that, I know nothing about web development.

Why I am taking this class...

I want to broaden my computer skill set. I would like to be able to create websites. I don't plan on being a web site developer but feel that I will gain some valuable experiences throughout this class.

My Favorite Interests and Hobbies Are:

My Web Assignments