Ahmad Machnouk

Ahmad Machnouk

A Little About Myself

Hello,evry one I moved from NJ east coast almost five years ago now,Sacramento is my home now, I like to be in the center between the Sierra and the bay,I work part time job so I can continue my classes here at ARC College, I like to drive everywhere, meet new people everywhere I go.

My Computer Experience

I like to work in computer field that's why I've chosen to continue my studying so again the knowledge and refresh my skills, web developing is really interesting and challenging to me, but I like everything I am doing right now, most of my experience were focused more as PC builder, some networking, but I always have scared to be as programer or web designer in general, now i feel with all help and support i will be able to beat my fear and finish that dream I had lonf time ago.

What I know about the Web and web publishing

I would like to say this is officially my first experience in the web and web publishing, very interesting and I am overwhelmed for this opportunity to be with you in this class. I am looking to finish this class so I can continue to gain the experience and the knowledge i need to work as web developer, it is look not easy for me after so many years of not studying, but I did not give up yet , so wish me luck

My interests and hobbies include:

Class Assignment