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Natalya K.

Natalya K

A Little About Myself

My name is Natalya. I am taking this course as required for the Web Development degree at CRC. I am also working on a Programming AA at ARC and Computer Science AA at FLC. I have a Bachelor's in Criminal Justice from Sac State and worked in Correctional Health Care before deciding to be a stay at home mom full time. I have 2 kids, first grade and preschool, so taking online courses is perfect for me. I am also expecting my third so flexibility in school is perfect during my extra tired days.

My Computer Experience

My first love of programming was the VTech computer from the 90s with Basic. I loved typing the code and seeing it do something. I have been using a computer since bulky PCs became mainstream and am currently on an HP laptop with Windows that I won in a giveaway. After taking courses in Linux, I prefer it for programming so I may switch operating systems eventually but for now I use Windows. I dabbled in programming with electronic toys growing up but never really learned any languages until college, other than HTML during the myspace days. I'm in an Advanced C++ course and took beginner courses in HTML, CSS, Javascript, and PHP and learn Python on my own time. I love Notepad++ as my text editor.

What I know about the Web and web publishing

I currently know how to get by in creating a basic website with styling and some javascript but I still have to look things up. In previous courses, I created single and multi-page sites, uploaded the files onto the server and saw the result on the web. One of the most eye-opening courses I took was in creating accessible websites. There are so many different types of web users and how they interact with the web that in order to appeal to all people in web publishing, it is very important to get educated in accessibility.

My interests and hobbies include:

Class Assignments

  1. Hello World
  2. Lots of Tags
  3. Styles
  4. Thumbnails
  5. More Graphics
  6. Boxes
  7. Two Columns
  8. Columns and Navigation