Dila Keller

A Little about myself

My name is Dila. I am from Turkey. I have one son who is five.I live in the Arden area.I also love succulents and cacti!I have an urban garden in front of my place.

My computer experience

My major is database managment. I have three more classes left before I graduate.I have played with many coding languages.I like the challenge of code writing.

What I know about the Web and Web publishing

In my class with Pro.Hayes we worked with a templet website called wix.I still use it. It is my blog spot.

Why I am taking this class...

I am taking this class to broaden my knowledge on Html codes.I think this class will help in the future.I am up for the challenge!

My Favorite Interests and Hobbies Are:

My Web Assignments

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