Sebastian Jones

Sebastian Jones

A Little About Myself

I've lived in Sacramento all my life. I am currently going to school for computer science. I plan on transferring to Sac State when I get the chance. I work for the Geek Squad as a computer repair technician.

My Computer Experience

My computer experience is fairly extensive. I started with an iMac when I was young and moved onto a Windows desktop durinhg highschool to primarily play video games on. So my knowledge is much more Windows based, despite also having an older MacBook that I mess around with from time to time. I got into photography and videography for a while so I am familiar with using programs like Lightroom, Photoshop, and Premiere. As of recently, in taking more computer programming classes, I've started to build expreience with software IDE's such as Code::Blocks, Visual Studio, Xcode, and hopefully soon, Brackets.

What I know about the Web and web publishing

I know next to nothing about web publishing. I know some names of languages such as HTML, JavaScript, Ruby on Rails but I have never devled into the actual development aspect. I hope to learn how to build a practical and functioning webpage for my own use.

My interests and hobbies include:

Class Assignments