Karri Jacobosky

A Little about Myself

I grew up in the Chicago area, met my husband in San Diego, spent time in Arizona, and now live in Folsom. I have a son and a daughter. I've previously worked in library and information science in both a public setting and in schools.

My Computer Experience

From elementary school through my undergraduate, I used Mac computers, but I've used PC's since then. I've used a wide variety of word processors and browsers. I've also used a diverse collection of library and reference software.

What I Know about the Web and Web Publishing

I've been familiar with the internet since its early days and had fun experimenting with various search engines before Google came along. Many years ago I took a Dreamweaver class, but I didn't do much with it. Recently, I've been poking around on Codeacademy and our textbook.

Why I Am Taking This Class...

I have seen the Internet grow from its messy beginnings, to a place where both professional and amateur sites coexist. As a librarian, I have always been interested in the difference between the two. I am taking this class because I enjoy both the coding and art that comprise a good website.

My Favorite Interests and Hobbies Are:

My Web Assignments