Aaron Hines

A Little about myself

My name is Aaron. I was born in Maine, moved to California in 1989 with my father, and to the Sacramento area in 2004. I love computers, equally for the data analysis and for creative pursuits (digital art, games).

My computer experience

I have been a lifelong computer user, since my Dad bought me my first computer in kindergarten, an Atari 400. He tried to get me to learn programming several times as a kid, but I always got bored and went back to games. Since then I've gone through Atari, C64, and probably two dozen IBM PC/compatible systems up to my current ones. I built my own PCs a few times, but now mostly stick to buying basic systems and upgrading them on my own. I have used primarily PCs, with a bit of Apple/Mac experience thrown in. Over the last fifteen years, I've ended up a self-taught semi-expert in Excel. This came about due to my desire to improve faulty processes at several jobs in a row, where making a custom Excel sheet made things easier for my own work, and it eventually resulted in coworkers and managers asking me to fix things for them. I now specialize in creating custom reports for my employer with heavy formula use. (I am still weak in Pivot tables and macros.) But these sheets have gotten so large that we need to look at migrating them into a database format, so my boss approved me going back to school for a database management certificate.

What I know about the Web and Web publishing

I know bits and pieces about web publishing. I apparently learned some HTML tags through online message boards, but most of my web experience has been creating sites via more automated systems such as WordPress and Muse. (FYI, Muse is infuriating if you want to understand HOW your website is laid out in code. It literally REFUSES to show you any code at all!)

Why I am taking this class...

I am taking this class as part of my database management certificate, but specifically because I want to learn HTML code so I can replace my company's website with a more manageable version. (Have I mentioned how annoyed I am at Muse yet? In order to fix a hyperlink, I had to delete it and recreate it again because there was no way to just edit the hyperlink? MADNESS!)

My Favorite Interests and Hobbies Are:

My Web Assignments

Contact me at w1445855@apps.losrios.edu

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