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Many years ago I attended community college, just like you. While I went to school I worked a lot of different jobs, from construction to retail, until I decided to take classes full time. Then I got a job as a tutor for math, physics, and computer science, and that is where I initially fell in love with teaching. After community college, I transfered to Cal Poly SLO where I graduated with Magna Cum Laude honors in computer engineering. I worked as a software engineer for about 4 years. I had an internship in tax and real estate data mining, a software engineering position in Silicon Valley on the propulsion team for a hybrid electric combat vehicle project, and a software engineering position in research and development at a nearby company in Rancho Cordova developing controllers for elevators. I was successful as a software engineer, but it was always in the back of my mind that someday I wanted to teach. In 2009 I committed to my dream of becoming a teacher. I was a high school teacher for about 7 years, teaching math, physics, and computer science. I have guided and inspired students of all ability levels and backgrounds. I received my MS from University of Washington's distance education extension in June of 2016 with a GPA of 3.99. My specialty was in scientific computing. You can find a link to my master's paper below. I started my career at American River College in August 2016, and there is nothing I would rather do in my career than teach here. I am committed to being the best educator I possibly can, so feedback is highly valued. I have a lovely wife and as of now 7 month old son whom I adore. In my spare time I like to play RPGs and FPSs on my PC. I am a fan of martial arts and have a blue belt in BJJ. I also play a little bit of guitar and drums when there is an opportunity. Here's to a great semester!


MS Research on Computational Fluid Dynamics