TJ Harp

TJ Harp

A Little About Myself

I am a fifth generation Californian and was born and raised in Sacramento, California. I currently work for Sacramento county and attend community college to expand my knowledge of computer science. In my free time you can often find me out in nature, either exploring or hunting, or behind my desk playing the latest grand strategy game.

My Computer Experience

I was first introduced to computers as a kid playing a few games on the DOS computer that we had in the living room. Since then I have tried to stay up to date with advances in computers and use them in all facets in my life now. Currently I work with databases, specifically creating Power BI reports that my department uses to access, visualize, and interpret data.

What I know about the Web and web publishing

Currently I know next to nothing about web publishing. I hope to learn a good amount though as I have frequently read that website design is a job you can contract from home. This is especially appealing to me as being a wanderlust I'd like to roam and see the states while still having a job to afford myself the oppertunity to do so.

My interests and hobbies include:

Class Assignments