Matt Goolsby

A Little about myself

Hello, there! I am a big-time, professional GIS analyst (I make maps) working for an environmental consultancy named ECORP. I was born in Denver, CO, but I was raised in the U.S. Navy, living up and down the east coast. I live with my sweetie and her dog, Suzie, in Placerville.

My computer experience

The first computer I have had experience with was an Apple IIe in the '80's. In college in the '90's, I used some unix machines, but since then, I have used Window's machines. I use computers for my work and know enough to break things on the system, but not enough to fix it...

What I know about the Web and Web publishing

I use the web on a daily basis, if not hourly. I dont know much about web publishing. However, I do know some basic html tabs for editing some of the text in my work maps.

Why I am taking this class...

I am taking this class a part of the requirements of the Web Publishing certificate. I hope to learn how html and css works. My long-term goal is to apply these skills towards publishing maps and other geospatial datasets on the web.

My Favorite Interests and Hobbies Are:

My Web Assignments

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