A Little About Mysef

I was born in the capital of Ukraine, Kiev. I moved to America when I was 9, and I am now 16. I'm interested in web development and design as my dad is a web developer.

My Computer Experience

I work on an iMac, and I have used HTML and CSS. I've used Brackets to build my website. My dad works in Windows, so I'm not sure which kind of computer is best for programming, but I know that not many proffesional programmers use Apple computers in their work.

What I Know About the Web and Publishing

I use the web in my everyday life. I have published my webiste that I made before. I also published some websites that I designed, but I did not build them.

Why I Am Taking This Class

I hope to learn all the basics about web development in this class. I hope this class will teach me all the proper ways to approach web development. I think this will really help me in my future career.

My Favorite Interests and Hobbies Are:

My Web Assignments:

  • Hello, World!
  • Lots of Tags (Some Basic Formatting Links)
  • Lots of tags 2(Even More Formatting Links)
  • Validate
  • Styling Text Document

  • Background Colors:

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