Ruben Garcia

A Little about myself

I am going to school to get my Web Develper Cerfification. It's my goal to become a full stack web developer.

My computer experience

I have used windows for many years but I have recently been using Linux as my primary OS. I have taken some computer science courses where I've learned about object oriented programming. I have been learning about web development for some of months. I've done HTML, CSS and Javascript. I've also been learning about server side programming with Ruby on Rails.

What I know about the Web and Web publishing

I have a limited knowledge of the process of publishing a web page on to the world wide web. I have used Heroku to deploy some web applications. Other than that I haven't actually rented a domain to public something.

Why I am taking this class...

I hope to get a better understanding of the steps required to publish a website I would like to know about the new tags that HTML5 brings to the language. I would also like to understand the advance features of HTML and CSS.

My Favorite Interests and Hobbies Are:

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My Web Assignments

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