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About My Page

Hello everyone my name is Jacob Brown and welcome to my home page for my website. My home page will contain bio about myself and couple of built points about what interests I enjoy. My home page also has four links. The first link is a link to my home page which you’re currently in. The second link links to my book chapter assignments for the CISW Dreamweaver class. The third link connects to my projects that I’m working on (in progress). The final link is my contact page where you can contact me either by phone, email, or social media. Hope you find my website interesting. The paragraph below will talk about myself and my interests/hobbies. Enjoy.

About My Self

I’m Jacob Brown, I was born in South Lake Tahoe, and I’m a former student at American River College. I’m taking CISW 321 because I want to further enhance my knowledge of the website development field. Here is an unordered list of my interests/hobbies:

My Interests/Hobbies

  • I love watching anime
  • I like running long distance
  • I like to play videogames
  • I like to read books/Japanese manga