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Hello, my name is Mohanad Aldayyeni I started at the ARC in 2012. When I started I didn’t have any goal or aim on any major I was only taking random classes any class that I like. After two semesters at the same way I decided to set a goal because any thing I was doing it was just waste the time and the money so, I decided to set my major and study plan. Since that time till now I’m working on my major, but I also hold the college for couple of years because of my health status. Now I’m back to complete and finish my major at the ARC to get an AA degree hopefully. I have wife and two beautiful daughters work full time at Walmart stores as a department manager. My dream is to get a job with the state as an IT or any field that has computers or hardware or either software. I love anything that related to the computer and any career that in the same branch.


MS Research on Alternative Energy